History of Scoot Inn

Our story begins in 1865…Just two and a half years after Abraham Lincoln issued the famed Emancipation Proclamation, word reached the African American community in the Old South that Texas was now a free state.

Former slaves from Tennessee, Georgia and Mississippi flocked to the Lone Star State, many of them making their way to Austin. Two brothers, Sam & Raiford Mason, were among the first to settle on the east side of Austin setting up a community that eventually became Masontown.




Scoot Inn exterior, 1871In 1871, when the railroad came to Austin, Sam & Nancy Wilson opened a community grocery/mercantile store right next to the tracks. From bootlegging to gambling, and everything in between, the little store was known as a place you could get anything you might need – legal or otherwise.

Fast forward to 1955, when Aubrey Ivy (affectionately nicknamed “Scoot”) and his wife Hattie Ivy bought the store and changed the name to Scoot Inn. The name stuck, and it’s been known as Scoot Inn ever since.

Scoot Inn has played a role in all sorts of endeavors over the years but has mainly been known as a saloon for the majority of it’s history.